Dale Nichols

Composer. Performer. Explorer.


Canadian musician Dale Nichols found his love for music at an early age, starting with the piano and expanding to other instruments as his curiosity grew. Dale was classically trained through the Royal Conservatory of Music and participated in provincial music festivals and competitions, garnering awards for performances throughout his youth.

Dale grew up with a fascination for the cinema and film music. He began composing his own music as a teenager, drawing inspiration from his favourite musicians, film composers, and movies. In 2012, Dale’s first EP In Full Colour was commercially released. A short collection of his own works, these piano-based recordings illustrate Dale’s evocative style, weaving layers of emotion and melody into beautiful soundscapes for an intimate, cinematic feel. The combination of his musical background, technical expertise, and passion for creating art has led him to become a skilled producer. He uses a combination of acoustic instruments and the latest digital technology to make his music, exploring a wide range of styles and genres.

Based in Dubai, UAE since 2014, Dale continues to create new music, collaborating with local filmmakers and production companies, telling stories through music & visual media. Also working as a live performer, Dale plays the piano at various events and venues in the region, both as a solo artist and accompanist.

If you are interested in learning more about Dale’s music, performing, and production services, he can be contacted via email here. Keep up to date by following Dale on Facebook and Twitter.