Not Just Special, But Super

The project brief:  

“Work with special needs children and bring their inner superheroes to life — literally!”

During fun and immersive sessions with 20 kids selected from the Al Noor Center For Children With Special Needs, we asked them to describe what they would be like if they were a superhero. Their narratives and interaction was captured in real-time by a concept artist, sketching an "avatar" of what each one of the children described about their super alter ego. Then by using 3D printing technology, the folks at Generation 3D did a wonderful job to bring them to life in the form of an action figure! Using the magic of facial scanning technology together with 3D printing, they transformed these digital avatars into life-like figurines with the children's faces on the bodies of their superhero selves!

For more details on how the film was made, visit this page to read an article by Executive Producer & Director Hassan Kiyany.

Music & Sound by Dale Nichols.