Parallax: Discover An Alien World

37 years ago, Carl Sagan imagined an ‘Encyclopaedia Galactica’, a “vast repository of the knowledge of many worlds”. Parallax is a six-part series of video essays that wonders what this Encyclopaedia Galactica might look like. What do we learn when we step outside of our myopic, planetary view and see life from a different perspective? Find out, in this survey of an alien world. 

Parallax is a collaboration with UK-based filmmaker Adam Westbrook and is a crowd-funded project on

Dale is providing the original score to the series. The first two episodes premiered at the end of May and the third instalment in the series will be online later in the summer, with the sixth and final episode being completed before the end of 2017. Parallax provides a peculiar but thought-provoking planetary perspective.

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Links to the first two episodes are provided here:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Check out more of Adam Westbrook's great video essays here:

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